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Type: Part-Time

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Provide service excellence to the residents and staff by maintaining a clean, neat and safe environment


* * Indicates that this task is considered high risk for exposure to bio-hazardous materials.  Standard Precautions must be followed in all job duties.
* Stock cart with cleaning equipment, supplies, and trash receptacle ensuring that all chemicals are labeled and supplies are replenished according to job assignment guidelines
* Keep cleaning solutions changed according to job assignment
* Follow cleaning schedule abiding by Standard Precautions, hazardous waste handling and cleaning agent use policies and procedures
* Follow cleaning schedule as outlined for the department (subject to change)
* Clean assigned areas, furnishings, and fixtures including furniture, floors, walls, sills, closets, and doors according to established housekeeping procedures
* Floors: Dry mops, wet mops, disinfect where and when necessary
* Clean movable and stationary furnishings and fixtures: Dust, spot clean or wash, disinfect when necessary, polish where required; this includes the cleaning of ledges, shelves, vents, etc.; empty, clean and reline wastebaskets; straighten or rearrange furniture as directed; inspect furnishings for wear and defects and report to Supervisor
* Spot clean carpeting and rugs: Vacuum, carpeting and rugs; has small rugs laundered
* Wash and remake beds as scheduled
* Straighten resident belongings and remove unwanted items as directed by the resident
* *Clean resident toilets (inside and out), sinks (inside and out), mirrors and soap dispensers 
* Dining Rooms: Wash tables, chairs, mop floor, and clear tables after meals when needed
* Bathrooms (resident, private, public): Clean and disinfect all fixtures, floors, and walls as directed; wash windows and mirrors; replenish bathroom supplies including, but not limited to, refill soap dispensers, towel dispensers and replenishes toilet paper
* Clean walls, windows, and doors; spot clean between washings, wash, disinfect when necessary; walls and ceilings and ceiling fixtures are cleaned as scheduled
* Clean all handrails, window ledges, and all horizontal surfaces daily or as required, removing dust, dirt, or greasy film, using disinfectants where necessary such as in-patient care areas
* Perform terminal cleaning duties according to established procedure in resident rooms when patient has been discharged or transferred, and prepare room for new occupant
* Chang light bulbs, remove waste and dispose of waste and trash, water flowers in resident rooms and throughout Ministry Site
* *Empty wastebaskets from both bathrooms and resident rooms, and common places as directed; replacing with clean plastic bag and one extra bag at the bottom of the wastebasket
* Report observations concerning structural and equipment wear, defects and malfunctioning to Supervisor including inspecting for and reporting soiled curtains or drapes
* Report supply and equipment needs to Supervisor for replenishing
* Inspect hallway floors, walls, ceilings, waste containers and laundry containers and clean as needed
* Defrost and clean refrigerators according to assignment schedule
* Clean general common areas, dining, office, and employee areas according to assignment schedule
* Assist with laundry duties as necessary
* Perform emergency housekeeping where accidents occur
* Maintain equipment used in performing duties


* High school diploma or equivalent preferred
* Prior housekeeping experience is helpful, but not essential

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