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This is a remote independent contractor role which reviews and enters complex authorizations and referrals from VA and providers. Ability to effectively communicate medical information, test results, diagnoses and or proposed treatment in a manner easily understood by the patient. Must be able to effectively communicate with clinical staff. Ensures accurate data entry and completion of authorization data from customer information, medical records and referral/authorization forms, assists Patient Service Representatives (PSRs) in obtaining consult reports within required turnaround times. Provides initial data entry related to potential quality issues. Under the direction of a supervisor, requests appropriate records and process initial review of those records. Works in a fast-paced work-at-home environment.


* Conducts research to ensure accurate documentation of the patient's clinical information.
* Reviews and respond to complex referral requests from VA and civilian providers with appropriate coding and provider selection. 
* Responds to inquiries from veterans and providers regarding specific aspects of the VA program. Information and assistance include: referrals, authorizations and the location/use of network and certified providers. 
* Consistently displays professional and courteous service skills to internal and external customers.
* Takes appropriate measures to comply with HIPAA regulations to protect privacy of veteran's health information.
* Documents the transmission of medical referrals to the facility or the network provider in line with procedures. 
* Documents all communications involving veteran and provider contacts.
* Develops knowledge of various software applications, including procedures and processes of the VA program.
* Assesses faxed or emailed documents to ensure appropriate entry into the medical management system.
* Works with standard coding systems, including: standard medical taxonomy, International Classification for Diseases, Current Procedural Terminology, and Health Care Common Procedure Coding System.
* Verifies and ensures that appropriate referral procedures are followed for the various types of VA eligible beneficiaries. Ensures procedures are followed for referrals based on Veteran category geographical location and the provider's request.
* Enters data into the medical management system.
* Identifies potential quality-of-care or safety issues.
* Requests medical records as directed, scans records into the medical management system, and prepares records for quality-of-care review.
* Identifies potential discrepancies in the medical management system to ensure quality compliance.
* Consistently meets productivity and performance metrics.



* At least one full year experience in a medical office or healthcare environment, which includes data entering medical records or information
* Knowledge of medical terminology normally obtained through a medical certification OR experience using, interpreting and applying ICD and CPT codes.
* Experience using Microsoft Office, the internet and medical/health systems
* College course working  the healthcare or equivalent field


* Technical Skills: Working knowledge of medical terminology and the authorization and referral process;  telephone customer service and analysis skills; proficient with data entry into online systems;  ability to cope in a fast-paced work at home environment and to effectively use multiple systems to perform function.
* Team-Building / Team Player: Influence the actions and opinions of others in a positive direction and build group commitment.
* Problem Solving / Analysis: Ability to solve problems through systematic analysis of processes with sound judgment; has a realistic understanding of relevant issues.
* Organizational Skills: Ability to organize people or tasks, adjust to priorities, learn systems within time constraints and with available resources; detail-oriented.
* Information Management: Ability to manage large amounts of complex information easily, communicate clearly and draw sound conclusions.
* Communication / People Skills: Ability to influence or persuade others under positive or negative circumstances; adapt to different styles; listen critically; and collaborate.
* Commitment to Task: Ability to conform to established policies and procedures; exhibits high motivation.

Independent contractors on this program will need to successfully pass a background check to work. The background check will consist of a Social Security number verification, National Sex Offender registry report and a criminal history check.

We are currently not accepting independent contractors residing in California, New York, Pennsylvania or Washington.

Contractual Relationship: The relationship between you and Working Solutions is a contractual relationship. You will remain an independent contractor for the duration of this program assignment. Working Solutions will not be responsible for withholding taxes on your earnings while contracted with Working Solutions. When you receive your contract, you will be asked to agree to have no claim against Working Solutions hereunder or otherwise for vacation pay, sick leave, retirement benefits, social security, worker's compensation, health or disability benefits, overtime, unemployment insurance benefits or employee benefits of any kind.
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