Law Enforcement Deputy Trainee


Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

Req #: 1411
Type: Regular Full-Time

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office


The training consists of a 2-week Academy Orientation, a 22-week Academy, and approximately 10-week Module Training. The Sheriff's Office will provide all books, materials, and uniforms (excluding footwear). Those selected for hire will receive pay and full benefits during this training period. After this training is completed the recruit is sworn in and their salary increases to the salary of a certified Law Enforcement Deputy.

Learn to become certified as a law enforcement officer and eligible for promotion to Law Enforcement Deputy. 


Note: Depending on assigned responsibilities, employees may perform some or all of the duties below.

Note for Trainees: Trainees are expected to learn the following duties while in a trainee status.

* Patrol assigned areas to detect and monitor possible criminal activity and interrogate suspicious persons. 
* Respond to emergency calls to provide assistance. 
* Investigate incidents for civil or criminal law violations. 
* Apprehend and arrest suspected law violators to ensure public safety. 
* Prepare and preserve evidence in accordance with directives to maintain chain of custody. 
* Testify in court to provide an accurate account of investigation findings. 
* Control activities at traffic accident scenes by assisting victims or maintaining traffic flow. 
* Enforce traffic laws by observing violations and issuing citations. 
* Provide information and assistance to the public. 
* Prepare and submit daily activity reports in accordance with standard operating procedures (SOP) and directives. 
* Transport prisoners to court, medical, or prison facilities. 
* Maintain patrol car, weapons, and other law enforcement equipment to insure operational readiness. 
* Perform other related duties as required.


* An associate's degree or equivalent (60 semester or 90 quarter hours of study) from an accredited institution of higher education.


* A high school diploma or possession of a GED certificate.
* Three years active duty military.


* A high school diploma or possession of a GED certificate.
* Three years full-time employment with same employer.

Additionally, the following are required:

* 21 years of age or older.
* United States citizen.
* Of good moral character.
* Six months tobacco free at time of application.
* Live within Hillsborough County or within Citrus, Hardee, Hernando, Lake, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Sarasota, or Sumter County as long as the residence is located within the 60-mile parameter of Falkenburg Road Jail at the time of appointment/employment.
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